By Gaga Barnes

  1. Notice and identify what you are feeling. You may feel rushed, stressed, angry, tired, impatient, self-judging, scared …or any other feeling. You may be grieving the loss of a loved one.  

  2. Remind yourself to stop to take a deep breath. Feel the sensation in your body. You may feel heaviness, tension,               pressure or tightness.   

  3. Take another deep slow breath. Ask yourself: "Can I give myself permission to let go of this feeling? Am I willing to do a laughing exercise right now? Am I willing to let go of tension in my body?  

  4. Let Go through Laughter. Laugh as an exercise, while letting go of the feeling that is present. In your mind’s eyes imagine/visualize yourself holding a bunch of balloons in your hand. See yourself releasing one balloon after other until all are gone. Continue laughing for a moment longer-- seeing balloons high up in the sky-- feeling lighter and freer.  

5. On your next inhalation, breathe in peacefulness, gratitude, joy, love. Exhale out all the remaining sensations. Inhale again:    breathe in clarity, vitality and enthusiasm. Repeat this exercise as often as you need.  

Yes, there will be feelings that you'll want to examine. You may want to look at them and process. Our feelings are giving us a powerful feedback. We could compare them to street signals. The green light says: “it is O.K. to cross the street”.  The yellow and red light says: “Stop”. They let us know that something in our environment needs our attention or change. As we do this practice, we discover new freedoms. The aliveness is our true nature. The peace is always present beneath the surface. Our thoughts are on the surface. The surface water has waves and commotion but the deep ocean is calm and still. We are the Ocean.  
You'll be awed by this practice. You will discover the simple truth that will support you throughout many challenges. When we let go of all the emotional and intellectual baggage, when we learn to trust life; what's left is the intrinsic joy.  


                                                                                    Gaga Barnes ©2016